E-lite endomotor

A new generation of endo motor with the ability to quickly change the file and torque calibration, which in addition to its significant features, its ergonomic and integrated design makes this device more valuable.

The use of brushless motor and lithium battery gives you the assurance that the device has a very long life.


Features of Endomotor E-Lite

  • Brushless motor
  • Advanced 1:1 contra-angle (one piece design)
  • 360 rotatable contra angle
  • OLED color screen
  • Long battery life (1900 mAh lithium battery)
  • Built-in file system (switch file system quickly)
  • Working modes (fwd, rev, rec, ATC)
  • Torque calibration (for precise torque output)
  • Ambidextrous display (screen can be rotated, convenience for lefties)
  • Built-in 10 modes that could be set and choose according to actual needs

Technical specifications of Senta endomotor

Dimensions17.6cm × 10.6cm × 9.8cm
Weight0.78Kg ±10%
Handpiece motorDC 5V/1A
batteryDC 3.7V/1900mAh
adapterInput: AC 100-240V,50/60Hz,0.4Amax Output: DC 5V/1A
Torque range0.5 ~ 4.0 N·cm
Speed range120 ~ 1000 rpm
Number of default programs10 ( M1-M10)
screenColor OLED
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