EURONDA E8 autoclave

Up-to-date and smart are the prominent features of this product, which is provided by a reputable Italian company for you, dear customers.

Having diverse and complete cycles, which includes fast cycles, with the use of a multi-language screen, gives you a wonderful experience.

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Euronda E8 autoclave features

  • 5 working cycles (121°), (134°), (134° fast), (134° PRION) and (134° fast PRION)
  • 3 test cycle (HELIX)(VACIUM)(BOWIE & DICK)
  • Class B and compliant with EN 13060
  • Equipped with E-Timer system
  • The possibility of connecting to city water through Aquafilter
  • Possibility of easy cleaning and inspection of the water tank
  • Equipped with a printer and the possibility of connecting to a computer and memory card
  • Advanced cooling system to remove exhaust steam
  • Equipped with warning system for cyclic services
  • It has a strong dryer with the ability to adjust the time
  • Has a precise sensor to control the temperature and pressure of the chamber
  • Ability to remove moisture after sterilization
  • It has a steam generator to significantly reduce the working time of the device
  • The sound of the device is about 50 decibels
  • has a process evaluation system
  • Automatic troubleshooting system
  • Separate steam generator for better and faster performance
  • Has a printer and a full performance report (customized)
  • Strong dryer
  • LCD display
  • Save time and money
  • Automatic adjustment of ambient air pressure
  • Fast flash cycle
  • Advanced and automatic troubleshooting system
  • Water extraction manually and automatically
  • Separate tank for clean water and used water
  • Stainless steel chamber
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