Euronda Euroseal packing machine

Beautiful, stylish, ergonomic and very high-quality design that has global standards and brings a great pack quality.

Having two roll pack holders is a practical option for placing rolls of different sizes.

Features of Euronda Euroseal packing machine

  • Beautiful design, stylish, ergonomic and very high quality
  • Compliant with ISO 2-11607 and EN 5-868
  • The external cover of the pressing and cutting section is made of transparent polycarbonate and allows the user to observe the sewing and cutting process.
  • Has two rows of roll holders for the simultaneous use of rolls with different dimensions (5 to 30 cm wide)
  • The ability to adjust the height and distance of the holder
  • The possibility of connecting the holding part of the rolls to the wall to reduce the occupied space
  • Has a safety system to prevent paper burning
  • Has a special tray in front of the machine for ease of sewing operation
  • Equipped with Anti Roll Block system that prevents paper from coming out of the back of the machine
  • Has 2 roll holders
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