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Digital equipment

Everything you need to enter the field of digital dentistry.

Endo equipment

You can provide all the products you need for endodontics from Sepehr Tajhiz Niknam Company.

Sterilization equipment

Stop infection by purchasing and using sterilization equipment.

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You can improve your knowledge in the fields of equipment, dentistry and software that you need by participating in the training courses of Sepehr Tajhiz Niknam academy.

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Free consultation

In order to get more information about the equipment, you can get free advice from the experienced experts of Sepehr Tajhiz Niknam Company.

نصب و تعمیر و نگهداری

Installation, repair, maintenance

The trained and experienced technicians of Sepehr Tajhiz Niknam Company will be with you in all stages of installation, repair and maintenance.

خدمات پس از فروش

after sales service

In case of any problem, you can contact Sepehr Tajhiz Niknam Company and get relevant guidance from our experienced experts.

Digital equipment

Digital equipment in dentistry, a step towards the future of dental treatments

Digital dentistry refers to a set of equipment and technologies that have replaced the use of mechanical and electrical tools for treatment and diagnosis with the help of computers and digital equipment.
Using digital equipment in the field of dentistry means saving time and money, high accuracy and better interaction between the patient and the doctor, which are the slightest advantages of the digital world.


تجهیزات دیجیتال دندان پزشکی

Digital equipment plays a fundamental role in all stages of diagnosis and treatment of the patient.
With the help of scanners, it is possible to collect information about the condition of the patient’s mouth, and by using cad/cam software, they can be converted into data that is suitable for sending to mailings or printers to continue the treatment process.

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Sterilization equipment

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