TecnoSint Furnace

A furnace from Germany that is made to the order of the Italian Tecno gaz brand. In the construction of this device, high-quality components such as s-type thermocouple, MiSo2 elements, RS-232 interface, etc. have been used. The important features of the device is its high accuracy and affordable price.

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کوره TecnoSint

Characteristics of MV-R sintering furnace

  • High purity replicable molybdenum-disilicide heating elements
  • Maximum temperature 1650°C
  • Maximum heating rate 25°C/min
  • Thermocouple PtRh-Pt, type S
  • Temperature accuracy at 1500°C +/- 3 °C
  • Possibility of connection to computer and data transfer via RS-232 interface
  • Possibility of planning 9 separate programs
  • Possibility of creating 4-step programs
  • Possibility of starting the program using the timer
  • Capacity of a 100mm disk or 20 crown units (If the crowns are small, it is possible to place more than 20 units)
  • An electric door lock
  • Functional safety system
  • Made in Germany by order of Technogaz
  • Service programs
    • Temperature control*
    • Purge heating chamber
    • Regenerate heating elements
  • Has a display with 7 LEDs
  • physical keys

Technical specifications of the furnace TecnoSint

General informationTecnoSint
Dimensions (W x D x H)480x 460x 680mm
Combustion chamber volume1 dish Ø 100 x 35mm
Max. temperature1650°C
Weight [kg]55kg
Minimum clearance around the sintering oven50mm
Connected electrical load
Voltage supply220 - 240V
Max. power consumption1500W
Protection Device end Customer end10 AT Connection to a separate electrical circuit with a 16-A circuit breaker, type K or type Z (other types of circuit breaker depending on the country of use)
Protection classIP 20 (protection against the ingress of foreign bodies, but not against the ingress of water)
Operating conditions
Installation areaIndoors only (in dry rooms)
Temperature range+5 to +40 °C
Relative air humidityUp to 31 °C: 80%
Maximum air humidityUp to 40 °C: 50% No condensation
HeightMax. 2000 m
Pollution degree2
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