EURONDA E9 Autoclave

Facilities such as diverse and complete cycles that include fast cycles, in addition to long life with a 2-year warranty and the possibility of choosing two 18 and 24 liter containers, will solve all the needs of a treatment center for serialization activities and give you peace of mind. he does.

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Features of autoclave EURONDA E9 med

  • Work cycles:
  • 121 degrees
  • 134 degrees (fast)
  • 134 degrees Prion fast
  • LCD display, multi-language
  • Ability to notify the user for cyclic maintenance and services
  • Has Helix, Bowie & Dick and Vacuum test cycles
  • Easy inspection and cleaning of water tanks (Inspection System)
  • Has a printer for documentation
  • The possibility of connecting to a computer and memory card
  • Advanced cooling system
  • Has a powerful dryer with the ability to adjust the drying time
  • Equipped with three vacuum stages at the beginning of the work cycle and two vacuum stages at the end of the work cycle
  • Temperature and pressure control by several accurate sensors in different parts of the device
  • Moisture removal mechanism if the items are left in the autoclave for a long time after the end of the sterilization process
  • Bowie & Dick’s self-test programs vacuum | helix
  • 4-stage vacuum cycle with a vacuum pressure of -0.9 bar
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Size:5*45*61 cm
  • Chamber size: 25 x 44 cm
  • Stainless steel chamber material
  • Power consumption: 1800 watts AC 220 V
  • 2 water tanks for clean and dirty water
  • European CE standard, ISO
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